ECTA Philosophy


ECTA International Holistic Health for the Himalayas
ECTA means unity and integration in the Nepali language... Vision Breakdown: That all can be born into love, live in hope and die with dignity. • Born Into Love: Every child should be birthed by a healthy mother, assisted by competent caring medical professionals, into a nurturing family and community which deeply values his or her life. • Live In Hope: Every loved child should reach adulthood, fortified by a quality education, quality health care and a natural environment, to find the freedom to access the opportunities and resources they’ll need to live a healthy and productive life. • Die With Dignity: All healthy and productive lives must one day come to an end. Each individual should have access to compassionate care at the time of death and the freedom to die in the setting of their choice without undue suffering. Mission Breakdown: To foster holistic health throughout the Himalayan region by training, equipping and apprenticing dedicated community partners. • Training: Communities already desire to address their most pressing needs and issues; training communicates that they can, teaches that they should and shows them how to do so. • Equipping: Along with proper training, communities need the appropriate quality tools necessary to complete the task at hand. • Apprenticing: Although communities desire to address their most pressing needs and issues, they often lack the courage and/or vision to do so. Along with training and equipping, communities need an example to show that the task at hand is possible. ECTA believes that working side by side with community partners is the best way to exemplify and catalyze its mission and vision.

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