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ECTA International Holistic Health for the Himalayas
 HIMserve works throughout the Darjeeling District and is addressing the region's most pressing needs. It offers training in agriculture, animal husbandry, holistic health, Child-To-Child education, micro enterprise and much more. HIMserve seeks to find solutions within the community itself rather than importing solutions from outside. The organization works on a few basic tenets: 1: Communities must be unified to grow.
2: A united community must learn to serve its members.
3: A unified community of service will progress towards self sustainability. HIMserve provides communities with its "Holistic Teaching" as a foundation on which a "Village Development Committee" is established. The VDC then decides for itself what the community needs and forms an Action Plan to achieve its goals. ECTA partners with HIMserve for the Dayasagar Health Service and CHV/TBA programs. You'll never see or hear ECTA's name in the field... all the credit goes to our community partners.
R.S.S.C hosting the opening ceremony for R.S.A in 2005.
 Showing an incredible heart to serve the region, the local staff of the school and health center worked for years on a volunteer basis. After the formation of ECTA in 2009, Ryan and Amanda decided that all of the volunteers needed to be provided with a livable wage. With the financial support of ECTA the Health Center and school were able to bring on more staff and continue to improve the quality of their services.


 The Red Star Social Club (named after the locally prevalent Red Star orchid) started out organizing sporting events but after meeting Ryan and Amanda Phillips in 2003 began transforming the village of Daragaon. The first project involved reconstructing all of the trails which linked the remote village to the bazaar of Rimbic and as well as the neighboring state of Sikkim. Next the R.S.S.C focused in on education. Several members of the club had gone to college but were unemployed. The government primary school was in disrepair and dysfunctional. Together with Ryan and Amanda, the club and the community built and established Red Star Academy with locally donated labor, land and $300. Red Star didn't stop there. The need for basic health services was just as critical. Three local women (Devi, Kausila and Sabita) were sent to train as "Paramedics" at Hayden Hall in Darjeeling. Ryan and Amanda went to train with Mercy In Action in Primary Health Care and Midwifery. The community donated land, sawed timbers by had from logs, carried sand up from the river, broke rock into gravel and gave over 1,400 days of free labor. With a total budget of $3,000, the Daragaon Social Health Center (Daragaon Samajik Swastya Kendra) was established, stocked and equipped in 2007).

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