ECTA Objectives


ECTA International Holistic Health for the Himalayas
Objective 1 - To emphasize and empower community level health care in every village within its area of service. • Train, equip, and empower Hayden Hall’s 35 existing regional paramedics through yearly refresher courses. (First session completed in April 2010. Second completed September 2011.) • To work in conjunction with HIMSERVE, a local NGO, to support and mentor 12 trained birth attendants in the Dabling Region, and to assist them in training additional Community Health Volunteers/ Trained Birth attendants in the isolated communities of Buxa Duar (2011), Lungsheol(2012), Lankapara (2013), Nimbong/Barbhot (2013) and additional communities in the future. • Identify candidates to complete a comprehensive 6-month trainings in conjunction with Navjeevan Hospital, Gayaganga. (Training of initial six candidates began July 1st 2011 and ended December, 2011. The Candidates are now serving their villages of Chuikim, Git Kolbong and Daragaon) • Provide the necessary equipment and materials for each paramedic, community health worker, and trained birth attendant to do their job properly. (Provision of a paramedic kit for each trainee began with the Hayden Hall, April 2010 Objective 2 - To obtain a clear picture of the region, its demographics, mortality rates, disease loads, and to continuously educate the public on important health issues and disease prevention through the community health workers. (An ongoing project begun in May 2010.) Objective 3 - To link the region to existing secondary level care via two Emergency Care and Transport Ambulances posted in the villages of Git Dabling/Buddhabare (formerly Kaffer) and Barbhot/Nimbong. (Initiated November 2010 and June 2012 respectively.) To identify candidates to serve as Critical Care Workers for the ambulance service and provide a comprehensive 6-month training in conjunction with Navjeevan Hospital, Gayaganga. The first two successful graduates, Simon and Suren, are serving in the ECTA ambulances and providing the first medically assisted emergency transport in the district Objective 4 - To ensure that every mother in the region of service has access to antenatal care, postpartum care, and free emergency medical transport through the government-sponsored maternal health program, Matri Yaan. Dayasagar's government sponsored Matri Yaan ambulance is stationed at the Government Primary Health Center located in Git Dabling/Buddhabare(Initiated July, 1st 2011.)


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