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ECTA International Holistic Health for the Himalayas
Holistic Health: The integration and actualization of spiritual, mental, physical, communal, economic and environmental health I. Spiritual Health is the thread which integrates all levels of health, enabling one to live in harmony with themselves, their neighbors and the environment on which they depend. II. Mental Health is the lens through which one perceives themselves, others and the environment. It is a combination of one’s knowledge/education, experience and psychological well-being. III. Physical Health is a core need and desire for all mentally healthy individuals. A healthy body is not simply one free of disease, disorder and pathogen but even more so one that is able to grow, thrive and heal. IV. Economic Health is the availability and equitable access to the resources necessary for individuals and communities to pursue healthy and productive lives. V. Environmental Health is the foundation which supports all health. Individuals and communities require a hygienic, stable, supportive and fertile environment to nourish their pursuit of healthy and productive lives. VI. Communal Health is the cumulative positive interaction of all individuals at the household, community, national and global level. Without these positive interactions, individuals lose their ability grow, thrive and heal. Communal health is prerequisite to personal health at the private and public levels and is the fruit that ECTA's projects seek to produce. I. II. III. IV. V. VI.


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