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 Starting August 15th 2014, Ryan Phillips (Director of ECTA International) and his 8 year old son Asher will embark on an epic journey. Over the next 3 weeks they will cycle over 400 miles/650 kms in tandem from the plains of India, through the Himalayas, over the second highest pass in the world (17,480ft/5328m) and on to the Tibetan Plateau. Their path will end in Leh, Ladakh, a remote region of North India. The duo hope to raise $125,000 for the Dr. Paul Brand Medical Scholarship which will send 5 students from remote Indian villages to medical school. The sponsored candidates will return to their home communities after completing their studies to bring competent and compassionate health care to some of the the most isolated communities on Earth. Socioeconomic obstacles have made it virtually impossible for village parents to send their children for medical studies. It is arduous journey for a village parents and students to even complete High School, let alone access higher education. As a result, there is a desperate shortage of Doctors across the rural Himalayas. Due to this shortage of Doctors and primary level care, villagers suffer from conditions which could easily be treated and even more easily prevented. The change will begin with 5 young doctors... but they need our help to begin their journey. Ryan, Asher and ECTA International are ready to roll... will you join them on the journey? Track their progress and follow experience the journey on the AM2P Facebook Page: Donate to send 5 village students to medical school on the Colorado Gives Campaign: Follow the journey on Instagram to see breathtaking pictures of some of the highest and most rugged mountains on the planet:
 Learn more about Dr. Paul Brand and his incredible legacy of health care promotion, medical excellence and community service in Southern India by reading the book below. We hope Dr. Brand's example will serve as a guiding example for our 5 candidates as they work through their medical education!

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